Disruptive Innovation,
Global Emergence




Rogue Revolution is a Disruptive Innovator in the Industrial Sector, with its base in Johannesburg South Africa operating in much of Africa and The Middle East with a goal of Global Emergence. With a deep understanding in the field of Asset Integrity and Corrosion Mechanisms Rogue Revolution is able to offer its customers Revolutionary Assessment, Repair, Rehabilitation and Corrosion Prevention Solutions with the support of industry leading partners in each sector.


Backed by a team of experienced professionals our innovative solututions meets the needs of all types of clients


When starting Rogue our thinking and our Vision came from “Collaborative Opportunities” What does this mean when looking at an industry, it is always driven by unnecessary competition, yes competition is necessary as it keeps business ever evolving, but it’s bad competition when you are focusing on price as the varying differentiator. That being said we looked at the market we wanted to trade in and we said “Why compete when we could collaborate”…..this led to our natural vision of utilising the rehabilitation of assets as a perfect opportunity to collaborate on a turnkey solution and value proposition to our customers…..this vision is ever evolving and ever manifesting to data and data tracking with an eventual outlook at Artificial Intelligence to guide rehabilitation….. always focusing on safety, quality and stakeholder mutual respect.

Manoli Coumbias

Chief Executive Officer

With economies and budgets constrained, asset rehabilitation and longevity need to be a primary focus for every organisation, our innovative repair, rehabilitation and corrosion protection offerings coupled with our quality and service guarantees is what differentiates us from our competition and any other players in the market. Rogue Revolution plays at the forefront of innovation, adaption and evolution of products and service offerings, we believe in building a full turnkey solution for every and all asset rehabilitation and asset permanence needs. “An organisation needs to be defined by its values and beliefs, we building what we believe is value and we live by our valued beliefs.”

~ Manoli

Zayne Albutt

Chairman of The Board

“With a magnitude of market experience, together with our team of experts and partners, we have the capabilities, expertise and depth of understanding to take your Key Asset Assessment, Repair, Rehabilitation and Corrosion Protection needs to the highest level. At Rogue Revolution, we combine our insights and skills to transform your maintenance processes and strategies, and in turn, your company performance. We’re proud to help shape and improve how our clients structure and manage their business efficiencies in the most innovative ways possible.”

~ Zayne